To participate in any Standards of Excellence program, parents must read the following policies and signify agreement on the Registration Form where indicated:

Session/Class Policy and Cancellation:
Standards of Excellence is committing a time slot or class slot to you on a regular basis and every child's attendance is important. Tuition, costs and fees are oftentimes predicated upon class participation. Therefore, you are asked to share financial responsibility by maintaining the time slot for your enrolled child.  Regardless of regular attendance, a one-month notice must be given for withdrawal or termination of services.  (This does not apply to mutually agreed schedule changes)

Missed Sessions and Make-ups:
If you need to miss a "class", you may attend one of the other locations (if available) to make up the lesson/lab/work and no fee is required. If you need to cancel a one-on-one tutorial session, we request a 3-hour advance notice and we will reschedule the session whenever possible. 

Missing/Late Assignments:
The courses designed by Standards of Excellence frequently have assignments and handouts. These assignments are given a "Start Date" and "Due Date". The course's syllabus may list a Start Date on Monday and this indicates the week in which the lesson will be given given. If the lesson has a homework assignment, the due date is usually on Friday of the following week (+11 days). Students should turn in all homework during the class before the indicated "Due Date".

Tuition, Schedules and Refunds:
Class tuition (monthly) and fees (materials/curriculum) are paid in advance and are non refundable.  Registration fees for "Special Events" are non-refundable after registration deadline. Session tuition is paid in advance according to the schedule/estimate. A credit may be given (following the guidelines to the policy stated above) for missed sessions or changes to the schedule/estimate. No refund or credit will be given for missed sessions that fall outside of the policy stated above. 

Families may apply for discounts/or scholarships by sending requests to .  SOE is dedicated to serving our community through  our services which may include discounts and scholarships, but availability may be limited. Family discounts and scholarships apply only to monthly/hourly tuition. No family discount on single Class/Fair/Event fees.

We ask that you meet 85% of the scheduled sessions (without rescheduling).  If 15% of your sessions require rescheduling, or are missed, we reserve the right to reassign the time/class slot as needed. 

Instructor Absence:
If any class/tutorial is canceled because of an emergency/illness involving the instructor, we will notify you at the earliest opportunity and a make-up class will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time/place. You will receive a credit for any class/tutorial that cannot be rescheduled under this guideline.

Summer Program Payment Policy:
Summer programs require all registration and material fees to be paid at time of registration. Tuition for a Summer Program is required as a single payment for the full summer course due on the first class period. No refunds or adjustments for missed sessions.

Tuition/Full-Year Course Payments: 
The registration and material fees are due at the time you register and are part of  your registration process. Registration and Materials Fees must be paid beofre the first class of the term. Monthly tuition is paid in advance and is non-refundable. Tuition will not be adjusted for partial months and missed sessions.

Late Fee:
All tuition payments are due on the First Class of the Month. A student absence is not a valid excuse for a deferred payment. A "Late Fee" of $10 may be assessed to any outstanding balances on the Second Class Class of the Month.

SOE reserves the right to reassign the time/class slot for repeated late or nonpayment.

Note: Under special circumstances, payment arrangements can be made, but tuition and fees are our primary income. Please pay on time so this ministry can continue and God can be glorified in every good work.  Prompt payment is essential for SOE meeting our own financial responsibility. We ask that you support us both in spirit and deeds.

SOE will assess a $12.00 fee on all accounts that experience a Returned (NSF) Check.

Note: SOE reserves the right to add charges to your account for any bank charge incurred because of a returned check. SOE will document bank charges from our financial institutions in order to justify these fees. These charges will be limited to reimbursement for the fees charged SOE. 

If SOE incurs two returned checks in a calendar year we reserve the right to request future payments with money orders only.

Payments may be made by check, in person or by regular mail (preferred).

Send payments to:
Standards of Excellence
100 Spanish Oak Cir
Georgetown, TX. 78628

Payments for registration, classes, AND recurring tuition may also be made by check card, credit card, or Pay Pal account.

Note: Any of the well recognize account listed on the contacts page will work if you actually forget this special account. Be sure to identify the nature of your payment.

All students must maintain an attitude of respect and consideration for the instructor and for the other students. There is "zero -tolerance" for fighting, arguing, or "horseplay". Students are encouraged to give feedback, and interact, but will need to be attentive and quiet during instruction, work, and group activities. All books, materials and facilities will be treated with respect and appropriate care.

I (parent) give Standards of Excellence permission to conduct tutorials or coursework with my child.  I (parent) acknowledge that Standards of Excellence will make every effort to present course material, encourage and foster active participation as well as evaluate and measure understanding of course material to the child, but there are no guarantees of specific academic outcome or performance.

I (parent) understand all reasonable precautions will be taken to keep my child safe. I (parent) will not hold Standards of Excellence or its facility responsible for any harm or injury that might occur while conducting coursework or tutorials. In the event of an emergency, Standards of Excellence or any of its agents have my (parent) permission to seek medical care if the emergency contact or the parent cannot be contacted. I (parent) accept full financial responsibility for such care.



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