We should never doubt that students CAN become SUCCESSFUL and OUTSTANDING in their academic, spiritual and personal quests!

Education is often seen as a roadmap of subjects, courses, or tasks that once they are checked off, we deem that the student is ready to advance to the next level academically. However, it is the students’ APPROACH to learning that truly governs their competence!

Education is not the filling of a pail,
but the lighting of a fire!
         William Butler Yeats

It is vital that we train students how to become SELF-DIRECTED learners toward whatever endeavor they undertake.

Study Skills Intensive is designed to help students approach their education seriously and to achieve laudable personal goals! We teach them time-tested skills fundamental to attaining success and create the momentum for them towards rapid and elevated academic advancement. Students will be inspired to apply their talents, instructed as to how get the most out of every learning opportunity, and shown how to retain information so as to integrate it into future endeavors.

Through Standards of Excellence, Viv Lynn has been teaching and tutoring students over 30 years; she can spark a passion to learn and create a readiness to achieve. She has formulated this new course for 7th-11th graders to spur them to the self-directed education process. 

What:  10-hour course that teaches vital lessons to prepare students for High School / College 

  When:   August 13th-16th (Monday – Thursday)  from 9 am-11:30 am

Where:  Calvary Worship Center

Cost:   $ 225 / Student

Materials:  We provide text, Day Planner and notebook. Bring pencils and readiness to learn!

  Course Content:

o   Owning your Education! Goal-setting / Creating a Vision

o   Unlocking your Genius / Learning style

o   How to Succeed at High School / College

o   Time Management / Prioritizing/ Procrastination

o   Paraphrasing

o   Using Symbols

o   Note-taking (3 powerful styles: GRAB, Outline, Cornell)

o   Increasing Your Memory

o   Test Taking

o   Reading and Studying Most Effectively


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